Welcome at the Arcro Reviews Page! At this page you may read several reviews by people whom I built websites for.

Arnold built a perfect website for the district commission Zogwetering, Dichters en Lanen. Thanks to his input we now have a website of which we are very proud. Any new items are quickly adapted.

— Johan Jonkheid, secretary district commission Zogwetering, Dichters en Lanen

Arnold and I acted together in the making of a Marketing Planner. Starting with a rough idea Arnold soon managed to produce a basis and expand this unto a well functioning and complete system. He did this by listening well to the client's wishes and by translating this into a nice final result.

— Jan de Bildt, founder of Cutoutcow

Arnold helped me with the building of my fantastic website. For this I owe him very much. Arnold is very reliable and competent. The cooperation and fine-tuning while the making of the website was very good and pleasant.

— Radni Sarkez, owner and consultant RS Akoestiek

For our toy-library Tuf-Tuf, Arnold Crone has made a versatile program called Rent-a-Toy. For our employees it is very accessible and user-friendly program. He managed to convert it to a web-based program and expanded it further with toys-photo’s, cash-administration and a front-end with which members can login at a protected part where they can make reservations or prolong their borrowed toys and change their own data.
We are very happy with our colleague Arnold who is always willing to fix a problem competently and quickly. He also contributes new ideas for the sake of our toy-library and thinks along with us.

— Florence de Graaff, committee member of Tuf-Tuf

Arnold Crone helped me enormously with the renewal of my 'The Bloomstudio' website in WordPress. He competently fulfilled the assignment and helped me more than well with the transfers of my websites Bloomstudio and Halewijn Legal & Wise to a new hosting company. For (questions about) the design of websites in WordPress I can therefore fully recommend Arnold Crone.

Irene van Halewijn-Warnaar, jurist, mediator & coach

Voor het ontwerp van een nieuwe website voor Zwerfkatten IJmuiden mocht ik, met toestemming, het WordPress-thema van een andere website gebruiken. Omdat ik zelf totaal geen ervaring had met website-scripting heeft Arnold me wegwijs gemaakt in WordPress, waardoor ik de website naar eigen wensen kon aanpassen. In eerste instantie had ik hierbij veel begeleiding van Arnold nodig; veelvuldig overlegden we per mail of de ideeën die ik had ook uitvoerbaar waren en wat ik zelf wel en niet kon aanpassen. Zo heeft Arnold de css (styling) grotendeels voor zijn rekening genomen. Uiteindelijk is er, dankzij zijn kennis en kundigheid, een mooie en gebruikersvriendelijke website gecreëerd!

— Ellie Wormgoor, voormalig vrijwilliger bij Stichting Zwerfkatten IJmuiden