Welcome at the Arcro Products page! At this page I will present you some products (websites, programs) that I have made.

Password Locker

Toy-library Tuf-Tuf

A website made with WordPress, as a presentation of toy-library Tuf-Tuf for disabled children and young adults and children with a long-lasting disease.

Members can login at a protected part where they can make reservations or prolong their borrowed toys and change their own data.

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A on-line program for toy-libraries that administrates lending of toys.

This program is used by employees of toy-libraries. It registers all lend toys the same way book-libraries do.
When the deadline is nearly over-due a reminder email is automatically sent.

This program comes with modules for toy-registration (with photo’s), suppliers and subscribers with their children. By means of special lists quick overviews are given of all lend, reserved and returned toys.
For annual reports lists may be generated with amounts of present and lent toys and the number of subscribers (active and halted).

Rent-A-Toy is now GDPR-proof! Every subscriber can get an excerpt of his borrowing history and has right of access to his registered personal data and have them edited. Furthermore the personal data are stored encrypted so they are undecipherable for hackers!

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Password Locker

The Password Locker lets you store your passwords safely in ’the cloud’ and you only have to remember 2 passwords: your login password and your ’master keyword’.

Compared to local storage (on your own computer) there are great advantages:

  • You can reach your passwords anywhere with your phone, tablet or computer
  • There's no need for making backups.

It is also safe: your passwords are encrypted with your master keyword and your master keyword is not stored on the server where the encrypted passwords are kept.
In other words, the web-master Arcro.nl) cannot see the master keyword so he cannot decrypt your passwords!

Save your passwords!
Marketing Planner
RS Akoestiek
Zogwetering Dichters & Lanen

Marketing Planner

The Marketing Planner - aka Project Planner - was designed to enable everyone in your company to think and work in terms of projects. By the intuitive way of working virtually everybody can do it:

  • enter the tasks
  • define priorities
  • enter the team-members
  • enter the deadline
  • et voilà, your project has been planned!

This tool also offers:

  • up- en download-possibilities for all sorts of documents
  • automatic email (’alerts’) to team-members
  • budgeting and budget-control
  • plannings can be split up into phases
  • copy the planning into Google Agenda
  • a database for relationship-management
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RS Akoestiek

A website made with WordPress and a special theme, as a presentation of the acoustic consultancy firm RS Akoestiek in Zwolle (Netherlands).

In shows you in a few pages the area of work of the consultancy firm, complete with photo’s and pull-down menu’s.
After a contact-form has been submitted, the web-master automatically receives a message by email.

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Zogwetering Dichters & Lanen

A website made with WordPress and a standard theme, for the presentation of the district-commission of a neighbourhood.

News coverage, reports of committee-meetings, but also several fora in which dwellers can discuss about different subjects.

For various subjects contact forms are provided by which dwellers can register.

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